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Enhance "replay" to actually replay the moves.


The current "replay" seems to only cycle through the units and show each one's movement path in turn (if I'm using it correctly). This is OK, but not nearly as nice as being able to watch the move unfold as if one were sitting at the board and watching the opponent move the counters around. Bring back the feature of the old replay where the board would be redrawn to match the original position, and then allow the player to step through each move, updating the board after each step.
Another way to look at it is this: The more natural way to observe a turn is time-based, where you ask "What happens next?", and not unit-based, where you ask "What did this unit do over the course of the turn?" For the same reason, the SoP says you play phase-by-phase (making all moves for all units in one phase before proceeding to the next) and not unit-by-unit (where you would make all moves for one unit for the entire turn, before moving on to the next unit).


cgoldfarb wrote Jul 20, 2008 at 7:42 AM

Eric S also really wants this back. A couple requests are enough, so I will re-implement it, but it's not as simple as just "adding it back". Although I heard a number of complaints about it (I think it's impossible to make everyone happy!) the main reason it was removed was becase it caused a number of problems and bugs and made adding some new capabilities very difficult. There are also a few other reasons (turnfile size and storage issues), but the crux of it was that in order to fix some very nasty bugs it had to be basically taken out.. I'll re-implement this but the "under the hood' design has to be thought out first.

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scheulin wrote Aug 5, 2008 at 5:23 PM

I think looking at the unit to see it's moves in replay is ok to view it's replay that turn. Selecting units while in replay has greatly benefitted replay functionality. I proposed in another item that you just add the replay for each player turn, unlike each phase in the previous version. This will keep data size down, and therefore file size. The most simple way would be to record a snapshot of unit positions at the END of each player turn. [Including unit holders such as forcepool, TF's and shipyards]. Having a replay of these can be very valuable in keeping track of admin items in the game. While the replay of every move was too much. We currently have too little. Maybe a middle ground of END of turn snapshots would be best.

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cgoldfarb wrote Sep 25, 2008 at 8:39 PM

This is done and will be part of the release delivered at the start of '09.

peniro wrote Feb 2, 2009 at 7:33 PM

I'm glad to see this will be appearing soon, in some form. I've read through the comments on this and the "simple replay". It sounds as if replay is used for two (possibly disjoint) purposes. One is to go back through the game, to count turns of isolation for Leningrad, see when the WAs invaded France in an old game, or just to cycle through and get a feel for the game. The end-of-turn snapshot is probably fine for all these.

But the other purpose is to participate in the opponent's turn by watching it unfold. Checking for the legality of moves, watching for ships that exit and reenter TFs, verifying whether various empty hexes were walked through, seeing how a unit was overrun, investigating which AAS were used and which weren't, etc. -- these questions really require that one can watch each unit step through its move, hex-by-hex, properly interleaved with every other unit's move. But that detailed Replay is probably only needed for the current turn. If file size and such is an issue, maybe when the turn is advanced to a new player turn the detailed information from that player's previous turn can be purged, and just the simple snapshot kept. (For example, when the turn is advanced from 1940 Fall Allied to 1940 Winter EuroAxis, the detailed replay info for 1940 Fall EuroAxis could be removed -- that way each faction would have just one turn of full info. If one wants to see detailed info from a turn further back, one could open up the End phase file from the turn in question, from which the detailed info would have not yet been purged.)


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