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codebreaking popup should open to current theater


Currently the codebreaking window always opens to the European codebreaking draw (Ultra cards). This makes it very easy to mistakenly use the Ultra cards in the Pacific. Better, I think, would be to open the codebreaking window to Ultra if the ETO map is being viewed or to Magic if the PTO map is being viewed. That should minimize the number of errors made by a player using Ultra cards in the Pacific (because he opens the codebreaking window, and that's what he sees). It would also remove a non-intuitive step in a PTO-only game, where currently a player must switch the view to Magic every time the codebreaking window is opened (because the window opens to the Ultra cards, even though there aren't any Ultra cards in a PTO game). A player could always switch the view from Ultra to Magic (or vice versa) in a global game, to see the set of cards for the "other" theater, but by default the "right" view would always appear first. -- Tim.