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Hex info Pane redraw


The Hex info pane redraws the units in the Mainform Unit Holder mutiple times, causing a flicker as it draws multiple times.
Reproduce: Move your mouse in a circle going over several other hexes then stop on a hex with a stack of units. Moving three to four times around, then on to the hex. After you stop, the Hex Info Pane will redraw the Hex up multiple time [~10 times].
There is no noticeable performance degrade, but it seems like there is a lot going on that doesn't have to.


scheulin wrote Dec 7, 2009 at 2:35 AM

I can use my mouse wheel to scroll the map up and down. I move the mouse, or scroll the screen for several seconds, and then point to a hex, The Hex info display goes wild!

Igot the Hex info display into a refresh loop for 25 seconds refreshing the hex displayed to various hexes until it arrives on the current hex.

Wow, it's fun to watch, but is it neccisary to have the computer do all those refreshes?

I think adding a buffer limit on the hexes in memory, to only display the current hex under the mouse, and not the long list of previous hexes in the buffer when there is more than one.

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